Constructing Desire

Constructing Desire is a series of exhibitions taking place at the unique and somewhat quirky shop ‘Knopf Paul’ in Berlin Kreuzberg. For a period of five months, the shop functioned as a space for encounters and conversations around the topic of desire as a construct, bound by commercial and social aspirations.

Thinking of the window display as a platform for awakening the passerby’s attraction, the series of interventions explores the aggregate of the shop as a generator of tangible, as well as intangible products. The shop, facilitated by the lifelong button collector Paul Knopf, is an emblematic spot in Berlin. His infinite and motley collection of buttons is unique, historical, and extraordinary, and depicts his own personal whimsical universe.

On the occasion of each opening, a thematic drink is being served.

Organized by Gabriela Acha and Antonia Breme with kind support by Paul Knopf and Peacho Noé.